"Can you send a screenshot? "

My name is Marcus, and I’m a web developer from Sweden. I have worked in web agencies before but for the past 4 years, I have run my own web agency building custom web applications for our customers. Getting easy-to-understand feedback as a developer has always been a challenge and something that we all spend a lot of extra time on each month. I don’t know how many emails I have replied to from customers with things like “Can you please send a screenshot?”, “What page are you referring to?”, “What browser are you using?”, and so on. I figured there had to be a better way, so I created Feedbucket.

Automating feedback

Now my clients and team can easily submit feedback directly from the website that ends up straight into our project management tool. The feedback will now automatically contain all that information that we need to directly start working on the feedback. 
I would love to see you try Feedbucket as well to see if it can save you, and your team, a lot of time and headache.

Our Team

A small crew dedicated to create the best feedback tool there is!

Marcus Gullberg

Associate, Founder

Niclas Andersson

Associate, MD

Mathieu Degas

Mathieu Degas


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