Stop wasting hours on unclear client feedback

Enable clients to submit feedback using screenshots and video on your agency's next website project. The high-quality feedback will flow straight into your existing project management tool.

As a web agency owner, I want to spend less time on feedback and review and more on new projects. With Feedbucket we do not need to dig through emails or have clarification meetings when our clients request a change. The clients also finds this very smooth and professional.

The problem we're solving

The "old" way of collecting client feedback on websites is broken.

When a client request a change on their website it can often be very hard to understand exactly what should change and to what.
You often need to reply back to the client to get more info on the bug or change they want made. Time that could be spent doing more projects.
Are you spending time digging through your email inbox in a 40 email thread to create a to-do list of things that should change?
Have you spent countless hours working on the wrong change, or bug, because the communication of what needed to change wasn't good enough?
The solution

What if you could get high-quality feedback into your project management tool?

When something needs to change you get a screenshot telling you exactly where to change. The client can use a pen to better emphasize.
On hard to explain bugs you get a screen recording where the client has explained and shown what isn't working. A lot easier than "It's not working".
The high-quality feedback will be created directly in your project management tool. No need for your team to log into another system.
You clients do not need to download any extension or register in order to leave feedback. It's all done directly in the browser.

Getting organized feedback from your clients on new web projects doesn't have to be hard...

Step 1

Install in under 60 seconds

Easily install Feedbucket on your site by adding a script-tag just the same way as you would add Google Analytics for example or any other third-party applications.
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You have been asked to leave feedback on this site!
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Step 2

Send site to your client

Now send the new site to your clients and they will be prompted that they can leave feedback using Feedbucket and also take a quick tour to see how the tool works.

Step 3

Get feedback containing screenshot or video

When Feedbucket is installed your clients can submit feedback to you with a screenshot or video. They can do this without having to leave the site, install an extension or register. Use the pen tool to draw on the screen to better emphasize where change is needed.

Explore screenshot feedback
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Step 4

High-quality feedback straight into your project management tool

We understand that you do not want another tool to have to log into. Let Feedbucket create tasks with the feedback right in your project management tool so you can handle all communication from there.

How integrations work

Get high-quality feedback. Start using Feedbucket for free.

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