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Built for ambitious web agencies to save time and headache by always getting screenshot or video with client feedback. Straight into
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Feedbucket has helped us to streamline our feedback process and remove unnecessary back and forth with clients. I highly recommend this to any web development agency.

Chris Lemmer
CEO, SwiftCom

Feedbucket has removed a lot of frustrations for us in the feedback process. No more emails going back and fourth between us an clients with "What browser are you using", etc.

Save on average 4 hours on new client web projects

Stop managing feedback over email! Allow your clients and team members to draw and take screenshots directly on the website. Technical context such as browser, device and URL are automatically attached.


Reduce meeting time with 2x using video feedback

Minimize clarification meetings. For bugs or other hard to explain feedback, clients and team members can record their screen. All from within the browser without having to install anything. Get actionable feedback without having to "jump on a quick call".

Handle the feedback in your existing tools

No need to log into another system. With integrations you do not change your current process or workflow. You'll just get things done twice as fast with high-quality feedback straight into your project management tool.

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How it works

The easiest way to get high-quality website feedback


Insert Feedbucket script tag on the website.


Send website to your client and team members.


Get screenshot and video feedback into your tools.

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