Feedbucket integrations​

Let Feedbucket create high-quality tasks straight into your existing project management tool.

Use your favorite tools, no need to add more of them!

The whole point of Feedbucket, even though you could share your feedback within this app, is to send it to the project management tools you already use, so your team or suppliers don’t need to adopt anything new. 

Your developers will receive your comments straight to their favorite project app, together with screenshots, videos and all the technical info they need (like what screen size,  browser and OS you have used to test the website). 


The key to efficient project management is to avoid endless email threads in your main inbox. Once you have share your feedback to your project management tool, nothing easier than receiving answers straight into Feedbucket to keep track of your tickets. 
That way, you can share feedback to different teams on different tools and keep receiving every answers linked to your initial message. 

The code hosting platform used by over 83 million developers worldwide. Send your tickets straight to the corresponding Github project for your developers, they don’t have to use any new sofware or app. 

One of the most popular task management tool out there, a simple to use and cloud-based app to communicate with your team and organize your tasks. If you’re already using such tool, Feedbucket is most likely ready for it. 

Teamwork is the serious brother of Asana, displaying a large range of integrations and advanced capabilities. Send automatically your feedback as new tasks there with screenshots or videos as attachment, and all the information about your browser, screen, OS, etc. 

Probably the most popular task management and communication tool there is. With a simple task cards system organized in swim lanes, you can simply generate new cards automatically sent by Feedbucket and avoid using new apps. Reduce the app fatigue and simply let your existing tools work for you.

Click up is a simple tool to reduce the amount of emails, simplify communication and organize individual work. The usual go-to solution for freelancers! Create new rich documents and tasks automatically sent by Feedbucket in Click up, and organize your work without adding more app to your work routine. 

Another classic of the task management online apps, basecamp is fun to use and comes with an impressive list of features. If you’re already using it, just keep doing what you do: your projects feedback will come straight as new tasks with all the images, videos and information you need from Feedbucket app. 

Monday.com is one of the new-comers in the very crowded task management apps world. If you’ve adopted it already, no need to change anything, your project feedback will come automatically into your Monday task lists from Feedbucket tool with all the imagery and information needed. 

The world-famous ticketing system that every developer has used at least once in their life obviously has an integration with Feedbucket. Just take notes straight onto your test website, save your comments and the tickets will flow into Jira with all the screenshots, video and additional information needed by your developers.