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Guest feedback

Leaving feedback should be easy! Therefore your clients do not have to create any accounts in order to submit feedback.

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No need for any account to submit feedback

Submitting feedback should be as easy as possible otherwise it will not be done. With Feedbucket your clients do not have to create an account to leave feedback. Just browse to the website with Feedbucket installed and submit feedback or view all feedback that has been submitted before.

Ablity to only show Feedbucket to certain users

Sometimes, especially on production sites, you might not want Feedbucket to load automatically for everyone. With a setting you can make sure that Feedbucket doesn't get loaded by default and only when you want to. Sign up and reach out to get help setting this up.

Client will be notified on updates at their feedback

One of the most time-consuming things with client feedback is the back and forth communication. This often leads to what's called "email-hell", where you have to spend a lot of time sifting through long email threads to understand what it was that should be changed. With Feedbucket the client will be notified by email if you comment on, or resolve, the feedback they submitted. This structures the feedback communication and keeps everything in one spot. Huge time-saver!

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